PowerBar Energize Natural Ingredients 25x55g

Powerbar energize natural ingredients 25x55g

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Powerbar Energize Natural IngredientsThe Energize Natural Ingredients uses Powerbar's extensive expertise in athlete fueling to give you an energy bar that keeps carbohydrate levels up while still being easy to chew and, thanks to the natural ingredients, really tingles the taste buds. The bars are made with natural ingredients such as fruit juice concentrates, oat flakes or potato flakes and this works with the C2MAX formulation to provide a scientifically developed carbohydrate mix with a 2:1 ratio of glucose and fructose sources, as well as sodium and magnesium to support your mineral balance.Features:With natural ingredients such as fruit juices, oats and potato flakesTrusted functionality with C2MAX Dual Source Carb MixWith added sodium, the most lost electrolyte in terms of quantity due to perspirationFree from artificial flavours or coloursSuitable for vegetariansGood tolerability Mango TropicalSalty PeanutAlmond  Per Bar (55g)Per Bar (55g)Per Bar (55g)Energy (kj) 761799788Energy (kCal) 180189186Fat (g) Which Saturates (g) (g) 373536of Which Sugars (g) 212021Fibre (g) 22.32.3Protein (g) (g) (g) (mg) 000Caffeine (mg) 000Powerbar Energize Natural Ingredients Mango Flavour  Apple juice concentrate, potato flakes, rice syrup, oat flakes, fructose syrup, white grape juice concentrate, starch, apple puree concentrate, mango juice concentrate* (4%), date juice concentrate, almond paste, sugar, soy protein, lactose, pineapple juice concentrate (0,5%), carrot juice concentrate, sodium chloride, gelling agent (pectins), natural flavourings, acid (citric acid), palm fat. *natural ingredient Almond Flavour  Fruit syrup (apple, grape, carob), white grape juice concentrate, potato flakes, date juice concentrate, oat flakes, almond paste* (6,5%), starch, apple juice concentrate, apple puree concentrate, natural flavourings, sodium chloride, thickener (pectins). *natural ingredient Salty Peanut Flavour  Potato flakes, white grape juice concentrate, fruit syrup* (apple, grape, carob), maple syrup, peanut pulp* (8%), oat flakes, rice syrup, starch, apple juice concentrate, fructose syrup, apple puree concentrate, peanut flour (3,5%), caramelised milk powder * (sugar, skimmed milk powder), sodium chloride, thickener (pectins), natural flavouring. *natural ingredient May contain: hazelnuts, peanuts, soy milkBuy Powerbar Nutrition from Chain Reaction Cycles. The World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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